School Profile

The foundation stone for kickstarting the construction of Lira Town College was laid by Ms. Maniben S.T. Patel on 14th August 1967. The construction of the main administrative block (including classrooms) was funded by prominent Indians businessmen  women including Manibhai S. Patel and Bhailal S. Patel, Bharat Cotton Co. Ltd, and Ambalal Laximidas Patel, who also funded Ambalal Primary School. 

After construction, the school was officially opened by H.E. Dr. A. Milton Obote (the then president) on 29th August 1969. At this time, the school has only Ordinary level classes (S.1-S.4). 

Five years later, in 1974, the foundation stone for the construction of more classrooms was laid by the then Minister of Education, Brig. B. Kili on 23rd February 1974. 

School Management (Headteachers)


Deputy Headteacher(s)


Mr. M.M. John

Mr. Ninan Chandy

1967 – 1969

Mr. M.N. Chandy

Mr. Okuma Julius Peter

1970 – 1993

Mrs. Mary Egwel

Mr. Okuma Julius Peter

1994 – 2001

Mr. Henry Mukoza Lugona

Ms. Florence Akao

2001 – 2008

Mr. Boto Robert Jasper

Ms. Florence Akao, later by Mr. Mpaata Ali

2009 – 2010

Ms. Acen Sophia Rose

Mr. Mpaata Ali (left in 2013), Mr. Awio Peter (2007-2021), Mr. Oyera Donald Aquilas (2015-2017), Ms. Acio Rose (2017 to date) , Mr. Okello Joseph (2019 to date)

2011 to date

Unlike most pre and post independence schools, Lira Town College is non-denominational, meaning there’s no claim of ownership by the major religious faiths. Additionally, it is also a mixed school, for boys and girls. 

School Moto

“No Pain No Gain”

Vision Statement

To Provide fundamental education for the development of Uganda and producing God-fearing citizens

Mission Statement

To develop intellectual capacity that provides progressive learning