Lira Town College embraces e-learning

Currently, Uganda is battling the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, together with second lockdown, that has resulted in unprecedented disruption and closure of many businesses, schools, universities and many livelihoods. On the bright side of it, this disruption is accelerating digitization in Uganda, especially use of online tools/platforms for education, business and other social activities.

In June 2021, Lira Town College launched its elearning platform. The elearning platform was part of Virtual E-Learning Workshop and Collaboration, a project that is being funded by the Mandela Washington Fellowship LINC grant. The project team lead is Mr. Emmanuel Angoda, while the Collaborator is Ms. Zaharah Namanda, who works with Africa Education & Leadership Initiative (Africa ELI). Both Emmanuel and Zaharah are 2019 Mandela Washington Fellows.

The project consists of 3 key activities namely; the Educators training, Students training and lastly, Online Virtual Collaboration. The participants in the Educators virtual training were teachers of Lira Town College, and other schools, Africa ELI staff and a few members from Lira city community. Meanwhile, Lira Town College students, and students sponsored by Africa ELI attended the student training.

The Lira Town College elearning platform is available at the URL, and is developed using Moodle. You can find out more about this project by clicking here.

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