Established in 2013, the Department of ICT(DICT) provides digital support services (functional & subject-related assistance) to teachers, students and community members. The Department of ICT is one of the busiest departments within the college, and is housed within the ICT lab. It is the main custodian of all ICT equipment (digital tools), ICT policies, and regulations. 

The Department of ICT has two subjects – Computer Studies in O-level, and Subsidiary ICT in A-level. Today, ICT or digital skills are very important, in education, and in everyday life. Consequently, ICT is one of the most popular subjects in the school.

The Department maintains an open-door policy in regards to accessing the ICT lab, for students, staff and community members. Currently, there are two teachers/instructors within the department – Mr. Emmanuel Angoda, and Mr. Jacob Ogwal. Every year, the department receives a few number of student teachers (teaching practice), and interns that assist with day-to-day activities. 

The Department engages students in various tech activities and competitions, and the years, have won many awards at regional, national, and global level. These include Technovation Challenge, ACIA, National Biotechnology Essay Competition, Gulu Tech Camp, Robotics  etc. 

Emmanuel Angoda

Additionally, we regularly organize ICT training for teachers, students and community members during school holidays. 


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