Board of Governors (BOG)

The Board of Governors (BOG) is the highest decision making organ of the school. The appointment to the BOG is made by the Ministry of Education & Sports, and is led by the Chairperson, assisted by the Vice Chairperson. The functions of the Board include:

(a)govern the school for which it has been constituted under the Act subject to any directions which may be given to it by the Minister in writing on matters of general policy;
(b) administer the property of the school, whether movable or immovable;
(c) administer any funds, chattels or things of the school derived by way of fundraising or auction, on behalf of the school;
(d) provide for the welfare and discipline of students and fix fees and other charges with the approval of the Minister; and
(e) perform such other functions as are prescribed by these Regulations (The Education (Boards of Governors) Regulations)

With effect from 02nd August 2021, the following persons were appointed to the BOG of Lira Town College, and will serve a period of three years up to 02nd August 2024

a) Foundation Body Representatives: 

  1. Mrs. Lillian Grace Ocari
  2. Mr. Oremu Alot Alex Robert
  3. Mr. Otema Thomas
  4. Mr. Okello Ibrahim
  5. Mr. George Okello Ayo

b) Parents Representatives: 

  1. Mr. Olyech Nelson Ogom
  2. Mr. Bua Paul Sunday

c) Local Government (LCV) Representative: 

  1. Hon. Apitta Herbert

d) LC III Representative:

  1. Hon. Acen Judith

e) Teachers Representatives: 

  1. Mr. Opio Martin 
  2. Mrs. Akite Hellen Otim

f) Old Students Representative: 

  1. Mr. Etwop Aggrey Jackson 

Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

PTA is a body consisting of administration, teachers, and parents. PTA plays an advisory role and it is where most policy proposals come from. Every year, the school organizes the PTA Annual General Meeting (AGM).